Founded in 1988, Shender Sporting Equipment Co.,  Ltd. is located in Foshan, Guangdong, which is the economic and trade center  of the west wing of the Pearl River Delta and one of key manufacturing bases  in China. As a large-scale modern enterprise, it is dedicated to the R&D,  sales, international trade and integration of the snooker tables and  supporting equipment. As a globally renowned supplier of snooker tables and  supporting equipment, Shender possesses a modern production base with an area  of 45,000 square meters, modern production workshops built in accordance with  international standards and a full set of production run equipment. The  company gathers the scientific and technological elites in the industry, and  has a full set of advanced production and operation mechanism, a rigorous  international standard quality monitoring system, a global marketing and  service network covering many countries and regions, an experienced  management team and an efficient and a professional service team.  
       As one of the pioneer snooker table manufacturers  in the Chinese snooker industry, since its establishment, Shender has  maintained the spirit of craftsmanship and focused on the development of the  snooker business for thirty-five years. Adhering to the business philosophy  of "winning by quality and developing with integrity", and the core  values of "elaborate craft and pursuit of excellence", the company  has been continuously improving its production capacity, technological level  and market competitiveness through continuous technological innovation,  perfect incentive system and talent reserves, thereby achieving rapid,  efficient and stable development. In order to produce snooker tables with  better conformance to international competition standards and specifications,  the company has invested CNY tens of millions as early as 2006 for purchasing  a batch of advanced production equipment, and establishing a dust-free paint  spraying workshop, a workshop dust collection system, a drying workshop with  an output of 1,000 cubic meters, a core processing workshop, etc. With the  support of the company's mechanical equipment integration, automation  equipment and the joint efforts of a number of experienced production and  technical personnel, the finished products of snooker tables by Shender are  high-quality and conform to relevant standards. The production scope covers a  full range of snooker tables such as British style snooker table, American  style snooker table, Russian style snooker table, carving snooker table,  children's snooker table, etc. More than 70% of the products are exported to  more than thirty foreign countries and regions including European countries  and the United States, occupying an absolute market share in the medium and  high-end markets of the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition,  they have become the official designated snooker tables for domestic and  foreign competitions, and been selling well both at home and abroad. Besides,  Shender is group members of Chinese Billiards & Snooker Association,  American Billiards & Snooker Association, China Sporting Goods Federation  and Guangdong Sports Industry Association.