Installation process

1. Confirm total
Confirm the total number of parts of the goods and the outer packing is in good condition
2. Installation appointment
Three working days in advance
3. Disassemble goods at the installation site
Professional installation technician on-site inspection, disassembly, and the whole process of video capture (customers are not allowed to open the package without authorization, at their own risk)
4. Installation professional technicians on-site installation
Professional technicians will carry out on-site installation according to standards, specifications and procedures.
5. Billiards acceptance and standards
(1) make sure that the whole billiard is installed, the edge of the pool is straight
(2) the table is horizontal, measured vertically and horizontally with a level, the blisters are in the center, the table is firm
(3) the edge of the pool is elastic 4.5, the table and floor are clean and clean
(4) the table is flat and free of wrinkles, and the tightness is moderate.
6. Attachment acceptance
The accessories and list are checked, confirmed and signed by the installation technician and the customer.
7. Daily care and attention
(1) the table and help should be taken care of with professional tablecloth tools
(2) the small gang should be wiped with 90% dry clean towels along the direction of the table
(3) the wood parts should be wiped with 90% dry clean towels. The effect of using wood care agent is better.
(4) when swinging the ball, it should be gently placed on the table.
(5) the club should be placed on the rack after each use.
(6) do not place chocolate powder on the table.
8. quality guarantee period
The warranty period of wooden billiard table parts is one year, and the warranty period of slate is half a year. During the warranty period, customers are not allowed to disassemble or move the billiard table by themselves, otherwise they will assume their own responsibility, and the wearing parts will be repaired with compensation.